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*Spectroscopic methods for mineral exploration:*

*Opportunities for researchers in physics (and other related science) to
contribute in industrial business*


1. *DR. Krisztian Szentpeteri* (PhD in Geology from EOTVOS University,
Principal Geologist of JResource Mining Company; Experienced in geological
exploration of Precious Metals and Uranium worldwide (most working
exploration area: Africa, Europe, Mongolia, Malaysia and Indonesia).
2. *M. Arief Ismanto* (Alumnus of UI Physics Dept., class of 1988)
Geophysics Manager of JResource Mining Company;
Experienced in: Maxus oil company (1994-1995), Newmont Gold Mine
(1995-2002), Geophysics Consultant on coal, iron ore and nickel
(2003-2005), Avocet Gold Mine (2006-2012), JResource Mining Company
Overseas experience: Newmont Projects in Nevada, Colorado,
Yanacocha-Peru and Philippine, Avocet Projects in Malaysia, JResource
Projects in Tonkhil-Mongolia.

*Aim of presentation:*

- To share experience in the application of spectroscopy and geophysical
methods on precious metals exploration and mining;
- To give an overview of precious metals exploration, mining development
and its industry in the relation to Physics Main Programs of Study (Pure
Physics, Material Science, Instrumentation, and Geophysics) and potential
chances that could be provided by Physics dept.

*Time:* Thursday, April 17, 2014, 13.30-16.00 WIB

*Venue:* Univ. of Indonesia Dept. of Physics Main Seminar Room.

*Targeted participants: *

Students and lecturers of physics, and other science related fields who are
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