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"Muhammad Aziz Majidi" aziz_majidi

Department of Physics of FMIPA UI cordially invites you to attend

*Guest Public** Lecture on*

"Scientific Method and Writing - It is more than Lab report"


*A**nd**r**i**v**o Rusydi*

(National University of Singapore)

Day/Date : Friday, 6 December 2013,

Time : 13.30-15.30 WIB

Venue : Main Seminar Room, Department Physics, University of
Indonesia, Depok


This lecture aims to discuss on how to write a good scientific report. This
skill is mandatory for students who are to report their experimental and/or
theoretical results into scientific community, for instance, scientific jour
nals, e.g. Nature, Science and Physical Reviews, thesis/dissertation, resear
ch proposal, etc.

*C**o**n**t**e**n**t covered:*

Scientific Report and Examples of Scientific Paper; Scientific Journal and P
eer Reviewed Process; How to draw conclusion and hypothesis; Control and rep
roducibility; and Flow chart: Basic Science Experiment & Method.

* This lecture is open for all students of S1, S2 and S3 programs, and
researchers interested in this matter. *
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